About Chef Eyad Restaurant

Chef Eyad Abu Al Hassan

He was famous in his home country for his smoked and grilled meats prepared with his special mixture and seasoned with a unique blend of oriental spices that characterize smoked meats that captivate people all over the world. He gained his experience

Primary in the US state of Texas and then moved there to his place of residence

He added some of his own fingerprints with secret oriental spices,And he was the first to use honey to become an essential ingredient in serving smoked meat items inside his restaurant. He coats premium American Black Angus beef steaks and local lamb chops with his secret seasoning, Then he marinates and smokes it for 8 hours and up to 12 hours depending on the type of slice, using special ovens displayed in front of the guests in the dining hall.

Chef Eyad is called the King of Smoked Meats in the city where he was born. The city of Kafr Qassem, where he established his first smoked meat restaurant received unexpected admiration from the public in the city. Then he opened it with a new branch in Turkey. Istanbul city, After that, it became one of the most distinguished and sought-after brands, and it granted exclusive privileges to the brand in many countries, including those currently existing, such as the city of Ramallah in Palestine, Bahrain, the Emirates, And a new branch in Istanbul, Some of them are under construction, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Kuwait, many European countries, China, the United States of America, and Russia.

His restaurants have become so famous and popular among people that they attract meat lovers and others to watch how delicious slices are prepared and enjoy their distinctive taste. It should be noted that these restaurants receive guests on a first-come, first-served basis in an effort to meet the huge demand

Chef Eyad Restaurants (a registered trademark) offers a special recipe for smoked meat, It is carefully cooked for a long time to be served to the diners in a special way.
Spices and seasonings give it a distinctive taste. With special offers for tasting and serving.

As for the waiters and chefs, they dance “Dabkeh” to entertain the guests. They recommend the best steaks. Then they pour a little honey on it. They also advise each guest on the appropriate sauce for each piece of meat and in the quantity that suits them, given that meat is sold in this restaurant by weight so that meat lovers can enjoy what meets their satisfaction and appetite. It is displayed directly from the oven in front of the guests, and they have to choose their favorite pieces, then they are arranged in a very distinctive and delicious way with the addition of some special sauces, then the waiters carry them directly to the requesters, so they are hot and wonderful.

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