Chef Eyad’s restaurant in Fatih Aksaray area in Istanbul

Chef Eyad Restaurant in Istanbul, in the famous Fatih-Aksaray area

You can reach it through Watan Street (Adnan Menderes), as it is located opposite the famous Historia Mall

It offers a group of special dishes, which consist of Chef Eyad’s smoked meat as a main dish

Dishes of rice, salads and oriental appetizers are provided for free with every order

The restaurant operates daily from noon until midnight, and the foods are carefully prepared and cooked for a period exceeding 12 continuous hours.

The restaurant may close its doors before the listed times for reasons related to running out of the specified amount of meat per day. Therefore, it is preferable to reserve a table in the evening hours

Smoked meat with special spices and honey

Our branch is distinguished by providing the best flavor ever of smoked meat with special spices and honey

Professional staff ensures you enjoy the flavor and food experience

How to reach us

The branch is located on Adnan Menderes Street (Watan), The ideal way is to reach the opposite side of Historia Mall through the traffic light, and the restaurant will be a few meters away on your right.

Free parking is available opposite the restaurant entrance

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